Friday, May 30, 2014

I OWN THIS NEW RUG!......................................by Diane Ogden

One of my clients gave me this beautiful hand woven runner.  I brought it home all folded up and tossed it on the "Great Room" floor.  The Great Room is basically where I live besides the bedroom off the Great Room.  That is a joke in case you didn't know it. 
I was busy checking my emails and such after my days work when I noticed Bob had placed his paw on the rug all heaped up in a pile, as to say, "Don't touch, I have claimed ownership."   That paw of ownership is intended for Gracie Allen dog and Lucy Lou cat.   And he means business.  Well probably not really. 
So it is two days later now.  I had to leave the blog due to work and my other computer deciding not to upload photos to blogger.  And my point is?  Bob is still guarding the runner.  Maybe animals like something new on occasion also.

More Cat Tales later.............