Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dressing Bob??..........................by Diane Ogden

You might say, "So how's that workin out for you trying to dress Bob?"  
I would say notsogood because I knew better then to literally try to dress him.
You see I was folding clothes for my Granddaughter.  I had several neat stacks of
various clothes.  For instance Bob was laying on all the little summer tops when I found one more with no place to put.  So I put it on top of him who was on top of the tops.  Get it?

My neighbor happened to pop over to ask me how I liked her new hair color.  She decided to continue "top dressing" Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden.  To my shock and surprise he allowed it. 
Wow I am going to try hats next.  Who hoo!  Wonder who will win that round. 

For now I am happy with "top dressing" the boy. 


And then I think Bob said to me with that face and those piercing eyes..................

"Okay so you finally got to me!  Enough with the Oshkosh by Gosh pink pin striped bib overhaul dress, okay?  That buckle got me right in the nose.
I let you and your little friend mess with me long enough. I am outta here."

And then he was just that.  

More Cat Tales later!