Friday, January 10, 2014

I Got Your Back Bob........oops. By Diane Ogden

This spot next to my laptop on my table is Bob's favorite spot.  He poses, stretches, curls up, curls around, and reaches for me while I am typing.  Tries to lay on the laptop keyboard, but most of the time loves the heat coming from the side.  This evening he was a bit more feisty.  I told him he was too close to the edge of the table, to be careful or he might fall off.   That is when he twisted his body and BLEEP, off the edge he went. 

Yes I caught him!  Funniest part was he scared himself.  He is too fat to flip himself back over and land on his feet like normal cats.  He could get a real back injury if I am not careful....   Bob is such a hoot!

 Love me, Love me, Love me....Mama D!  I have no choice Bob, you are
in the middle of my work.  More "Cat Tales" later.