Monday, January 6, 2014

Broken USB Ports...............................by Diane Ogden

So I have a laptop that I do not wish to have die.  That is because I do not want a Windows 8 to deal with.  I played around with one a couple times and omg let me live without one.  But it seems a person cannot purchase a new Windows 7 anymore.   Furthermore, I like using a mouse with my laptop of which I have done for the past 6 years.  Yes my laptop is 6 years OLD!  O M G!   But I love it and every time I get a new computer I cant open any of the files the techs back up for me.  So what 's the point of a backup?   Regardless of that old issue, the new issue is that suddenly my wireless mouse isn't working.  The curser just sits on the screen dead.  I unplugged the mouse and tried it on my PC and it works, whalla.  I have youtubed help, done the device manager route, hardware fixes too.  Nothing is working.  Lets face it, my two USB ports are dead.

The other issue is while I have been working on this Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden has given me all sorts of problems.  He has laid on the left side of the laptop keys, he has stolen my pen and played crazy nutz with it, he has sat directly on the keyboard when I turned my back, and in finality he turned his ass toward me which I suspect was a direct sign of some sort.

No, I have not been able to fix my USB Ports.