Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bob and Barbie, A Love Hate Relationship...............by Diane Ogden

Most humans have experienced  the meaning of a love/hate relationship at some point in their lives.  Either with a relative such as a mother, sister, or husband, wife.   I personally do not believe the love/hate is in any way normal but it does exist more often than most realize.   Pretty much called dysfunctional as I recall. 

The Love/Hate dysfunction happened to Bob Benjamin Morrison Ogden as of last week.  Things had been going pretty level around here in terms of cat worlds anyway.  Then suddenly there it was before my eyes on his favorite spot on the dining room table next to his (laptop) heater. 

He had fallen for Barbie.  She wore a beautiful pink tutu adorned with full phase netting.  A tight pink sweater and her hair had been done in long blonde curls.  Bob hugged her for a long glorious awe struck half hour.  Well it seemed like it anyway. He was caressing her body while licking her neck so tenderly and with amorous adoration. He held her gently with his eyes closed and all four paws. His tail gently moved gently swaying as if to signal his intentions. 

And then something happened.  I think it was when he noticed she was not responding to his affections that his ears went back and his nails came out and her hair went everywhere like the scene from an electric storm.  The rejection from deep within his soul came pouring out like a dam whose gates just opened in the springtime with the raging waters swirling in every direction.  It was a horrible sight to behold.  I was about to intervene when he tossed her off  his table like distasteful garbage.  He then majestically sat up peering off the edge down upon her dead still body. It reminded me of the National Geographic specials when the lion kills the zebra.  And he wasn't finished.  Oh God he wasn't finished yet.  He plunged downward lying next to her.  I heard a faint sound coming from him so I drew closer.  Yes, he was moaning his loss.  He then reached out to her like he was calling her back from the dead.  His paw gestured as to speak how sorry he was and how much he had loved her.  But she did not move.  He waited breathlessly.  Nothing.  

Then he just got up and walked away as if to say,  "All in a days play!"

More Cat Tales later........